AuthorSarah Onchangu

Founder/CEO of Bieera energy. Leadership skills. Smart entrepreneur. Community teacher. These three attributes summarizes who I am and I also fight rural poverty.


We do solar installations.


Sarah Onchangu is the founder/ CEO of bieera energy. She is responsible in overseeing all project development and financing activities. Sarah is hard working young woman with the passion of creating change in Western Kenya rural community. Elias Mabiria is the operations manager. He is responsible in company operations. He has thirty years experience in startups formations. He has been running...


Our partners are Fledge from USA, Washington Seattle.

Who are we

This is a private company which electrify western Kenya with electricity from running water. The Company’s key mandate is to provide sufficient and reliable electricity generation to meet demand and reach rural community with power. MISSION Powering the community with electricity to facilitate cottage industries and creating jobs. VISION Renewable energy contributes to better energy security...


If we use our technological imagination, to work together to harness energy from running streams we will succeed. Electricity generated by water power is the only thing that is going to keep future generations from freezing. At Bieera energy we are pleased to announce that our first school mini grid power will commence installation next month. This was revealed today during the board meeting of...

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